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At Manjula we like to think we cater for everyone, but to be more specific we provide tasty vegetarian and vegan alternatives out of a 42 year old horse trailer that we pulled out of a field, where it had been left for half its life.

Where possible we like to use natural ingredients that are locally sourced and organic, which is where ‘from the earth’ comes from. The majority of our ingredients come from our own allotment with the rest being sourced from growers based in the locality of the events we attend.

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Sooooo WTF is a Manjula???

Well, it all started with a cargo ferry stuck in the Caspian Sea halfway between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. This isn’t the usual birthplace for the name of a company, but its where we started. Everyday we’d hear Manjula bellowing through the crew quarters, confined and hungry we always answered. The food may have been somewhat undesirable but the word Manjula was not, and it has stuck ever since.

And what’s with the horse-box?

Sat for 10 years in one field and a further 20 in another field, we thought it was about time this 42 year old horse trailer was given a new lease of life. Ceased, rusted and all-round sad looking, we pulled it out, plugged the holes then sent it off to get a nice new kitchen fitted. What we are left with is a completely unique venue that is used to create and serve food just as interesting. And the best bit is, it can go almost anywhere given that it’s pulled along by an equally classic and outstandingly British Land Rover Defender!

So where does the food come from?

One of our favorite past times at Manjula is our allotment, just like the trailer the plot was rather worse for wear. By that I mean it was a fenced off bush of stinging nettles so tall they had to be felled like trees. But we persevered, and with the help of friends, and beer, over the last year it has gone from forgotten weeds to the green heaven it is now. The dream is to start cooking and selling the food we grow. If anything we have grown is being used in a recipe we’ll be letting you know don’t worry!

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